TKJade Token,
Making Profits in Real Estate

Promotion Reward

Members will be rewarded if they have completed the assigned task of the month and possessed over 10,000 TKJ Tokens.

Clubs and Members

Become a member, then have member-only programs.

Payment on GKI

On Great Keppel Island (GKI), you can pay hotel, restaurant, business administrative expense, etc. in TKJ Tokens.

CHANG JIANG JI TUAN PTE. LTD. collaborates with TIONG KANG FINTECH PTE. LTD. to build the TKJade ecosystems in which TKJade Tokens are used, aiming to create and drive up the value of TKJade Tokens.

Professional Team

Market Analysis

Evaluating the market potentials of the investment targets. The higher the potential demands, the lower the risks and the higher the rate of return. The factors include demographics, income levels, industrial structures and the regional economy.

Objective Analysis

Analyzing the target location, land value comparison, development cost, scale and object positioning.

Risk Assessment

Evaluating country risks, developers, construction companies, contractors, etc.

Create a premier luxury resort island of the world
- Great Keppel Island -

Great Keppel Island, located in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, was bought by WEI CHAO PRIVATE LIMITED (hereinafter WEI CHAO) in 2018 and developed by Great Keppel Island Holdings Private Limited (hereinafter GKI), a related company of WEI CHAO which is in charge of the construction, development and operation on Great Keppel Island. GKI has then entrusted CHANG JIANG JI TUAN PTE. LTD. to recruit retail businesses onto the island.


CHANG JIANG JI TUAN PTE. LTD has been devoted to hunting for reliable and high potential investment targets. Real estate appraisal process is complicated. Apart from the existing internal appraisal mechanisms, CHANG JIANG JI TUAN PTE. LTD is working with JLL, ZHAN SHENG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., Knight Frank and other international companies to jointly evaluate and launch international real estate investment projects and effectively allocate assets worldwide.

Maximum Choices

Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc.

One of the Fortune 500 companies. It was founded in the UK in 1783 and merged with LaSalle Investment Management founded in the US in 1968. It is listed on New York Stock Exchange. (NYSE:JLL)
It engages mainly in Real Estate Industry, offering professional service and investment management, serving landlords and investors. Our company works with JLL for the buying of Great Keppel Island and future development projects.
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Founded in Taiwan in 1990. Specializing in assessment and sale on real estate projects, includes luxury apartments, condominium and commercial buildings.
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Knight Frank

Founded in London in 1896, Knight Frank operates 418 offices in 60 countries on the six continents, providing consultancy and brokerage services for global residential and commercial real estate.
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Calibre is a leading provider of professional infrastructure and _ built environment solutions, working across multiple markets and industries. Our goal is to help you realize your vision, whether it's designing a new community, shaping smart cities, developing a mine from the ground up, or nation building infrastructure.
Tiong Kang works with Calibre in developing sustainable infrastructure on Great Keppel Island.
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Architectural Pursuer

A company intent on building its brand around a better-quality product with design and exclusive lifestyle as the primary factors.
From ultra-high-end luxury condominiums to low-cost social housing, we treat every signal one of our projects as an opportunity to create only the very best World standard design for our customers.
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Laixion Network Technology Inc.

A company develops mobile internet. Holding exclusive 5G technology patent, and develops application in multiple realm, such as video, e-commerce, mobile communication, sharing economy.